Hormone Replacement Therapy aka HRT comes in different forms.  Most commonly prescribed by traditional Allopathic physicians, it has come in the form of pharmaceutical formulated oral tablets and capsules.  Often synthetic in origin, these oral medication exhibit metabolic parameters that are dictated by what is known as "first pass effect" meaning they enter the gastrointestinal tract and go directly to the liver, where they are metabolized to a certain degree prior to being passed along to the body for systemic circulation.  Often the percentage of active hormone that exits the liver for circulation doesn't reach therapeutic levels to treat the desired symptoms.  However, hormone pellet therapy attempts to address this issue of "first pass effect" by delivering therapeutic doses of hormones directly to the systemic circulation, thus targeting tissue and systems responsible for the symptoms of hormone decline.  Hormone pellet therapy has been around for decades.  Common practice in Europe, hormone pellet therapy has been slower to take hold in the United States, until the last 10 years.  Though gaining in popularity, hormone pellet therapy is still met with some opposition more related to the fact that most pellets are manufacturedby compounding pharmacies.  Compounding Pharmacies are FDA regulated facilities that make formulations and dosing that are customized to the specific patients needs.  While Big Pharma makes the equivalent of bio-identical hormones, it lacks the choice of customizable dosing.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy without the daily mess hormone pellets are the answer. Testosterone Pellets for Testosterone Replacement Therapy aka
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Hormone Pellet Therapy

Testosterone Pellets Seattle Tacoma

Disclaimer:  The PelletTime Website is a marketing vehicle. Each location represents a independant healthcare provider. PelletTime does not take responsibility for the treatment that occurs are independant providers offices.  Hormone replacement therapy has inherant risks and benefits.  Discuss those in depth with you individual care provider. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

without the mess.  On the average

hormone pellets are placed every 4-6 months.  No daily messing with creams or gels.  A simple 5 minutes surgical procedure and your HRT is delivered automatically.